WTS 60m Min/Gall Fax/Dread/Cyno pilot - 2007 toon with nice name

Open to offers, in starter corp, specialised for armor and shield faxes and covert ops…
also started to fly dreads,


positive wallet and i will pay transfer costs

40BIf I accept, I pay immediately

A bit low but thanks for the offer

What’s the price you accept

because of the name and the age im looking towards 55 bill, offers in that region, im not in a mega rush to sell, but the right offer would clinch the deal :slight_smile:

I think 46B is a good price

I have transferred you to ISK at the price negotiated in the game, and I will inform you of the transferred users by email later.

i accept your offer ofer of 50b, Quantum powered warship please send me the account name to send to in game and i shall i start the process, thanks

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