WTS 60mil FAX/dread pilot

(Sonya Bubamara) #1

Sitting in jita
+4 implants (no cha)
1 remap

T2 siege and T2 triage


Starting bid is 43b
B/O is 55b

Auction will end 24 hours after starting bid

Thank you!

(TxivYawg1) #2

45 bil buyout offer

(Sonya Bubamara) #3

Thanks, will wait to see if there’s other buyers interested

(Bloodoff) #4

46 bil

(LongestYard) #5

47 billion.

(Bloodoff) #6

48 bil

(Space Homey) #7


(Bloodoff) #8

50.5 bil

(Space Homey) #9


(Bloodoff) #10

52.5 bil :slight_smile:

(Sonya Bubamara) #11

Bump, going to bed, will send a mail to the winner when i get up in about 10 hours

(Sonya Bubamara) #12

Grats Bloodoff, sent you a mail in game

(Bloodoff) #13

Thanks! Account info and isk have been sent.

(Bloodoff) #14

Even though the topic starter forgot to mention here he had initiated the transfer, everything went smooth and it is finalized. Thanks for the business! The topic can be closed.

(system) #15

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