WTS 62m SP Miner, Production, Resource Processing

62.3m SP Miner, Production, Resource Processing
Positive wallet. No kill rights.
In highsec
Starting bid: 40B
B/O 50

50 B/O. Are you paying to transfer or plex?

I’m online now

Yes of course I pay for the translation

So do you accept the B/O?
Once you confirm your acceptance, I will sent the isk and account name.

yes. waiting for your account information by mail

Isk sent and eve mail sent with account name.

isk received. the character is sent. Thanks

Can you please post the confirmation. Thanks.
I have not yet received my confirmation email.

Also, do you pay $20 or use plex for the transfer?

Due to you lack of response and lack of confirmation email…

I have opened a support ticket to confirm the transfer has been started.

If it has not been started, I have asked the GMs to reverse the isk transfer.

GM reversed the isk transfer.

I assume this was a scammer.

GM Reply…

Hello, Senior GM Karidor here.

Thank you very much for the report.

I have now reversed the purchase amount for the character that you transferred and it should be back on your wallet already. We will of course investigate the seller further and take actions as appropriate, but please understand that we will not be able to inform you further in this regard.

Best Regards,
Senior GM Karidor
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