WTS 63,1M Combat/Scanning/Command/Logi Pilot - SOLD

Selling Me!


63,1M SP
All races up to BC, Minmatar BS w/Large Guns Spec
Some Logi (Logi Frigs V)
All Commands except Information Links
Scanning (mostly for combat probing)
Positive Wallet, NPC corp, no killrights
750k unallocated SP

Starting Bid: 50B
B/O : 60B
Happy bidding!

Still up for grabs!

Auction still up!

60B Payment transfer with plex? Please reply for payment。

Sorry, but not sure what you mean? You wanna pay with Plex?
Or if you mean the actual transfer? its gonna be with real money.

I’m ready to pay,Do you accept the offer?

60B - taken.
I am not able to initiate transfer right now though, as I’m not near my computer. But will be able to start it later tonight.
Is that ok?

OK, I’ll pay

60b has paid successfully. Please complete the transfer and reply as soon as possible. I will reply after receiving the role.

ISK payment confirmed. Please send an EVE mail with your accountname so i can initiate the transfer

Message sent in game

Transfer initiated. Pls verify on your end.

Removed image containing account name. Removed post that also contained account name. These need to be sent privately not on the public forum(account name itself)

Receive the role, the transaction is successful and the cooperation is happy.

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