WTS 66 mil sp combat pilot

I am selling myself,

Located in Amarr

Positive sec status

Positive wallet

Skills PW 2479

50 bil min buyout make a better offer

50 Bil

55 Bil

I am going to bed, I really like this character, I hope I can buy it.

Unfortunately, I bought the role of someone else.

Still for sale. Hoping to get a bit more than 50. If I don’t get another bid in the next few hours then the offer of 50 billion will be accepted

If you can use $20, I can choose to sell PLEX.
Because the character I bought can’t use the fearless ship

im paying the transfer fee with real money. if your offer for 55 bil stands i accept it.

55 bil

Maple Leaf your offer of 55 billion is accepted. will wait for isk and account info to be sent

information and isk sent thx

isk and info received. transfer started

Thank you, have received

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