WTS 63m SP Focused Explorer/T3 Cruiser Pilot


All CCP rules applied and in effect for this listing. No kill rights, positive wallet, in Jita, all that.

This is a very focused explorer that flies T3 cruisers for Gallente and Amarr, Astero/Stratios and Interceptors. Would also make a great mission runner. Amazing Navigation, Engineering, Armor, Drone, Targeting and Gunnery skills. Currently training up core Missile skills in case I want to fly a Tengu too.

Running out of things to train for a very focused character like this and need to decide on the “next” thing this character wants to train into, which would be easy with the 4.2m in unallocated SP i’ve been saving for when I need a jump start.

Has a +5 implant set and a jump clone in Jita with a Mid-Grade Ascendancy set with a few other bonus implants.

B/O: 50b

I can offer 34B

Thank you for the offer but no thanks. I also did a little more research into current values and updated my original ask to be more in line with what I saw others selling for.

I should mention that I would also be interested in trading the character for something a little different, including something focused on Industry. More or lesser SP and i’m sure we can work out a deal for the difference in value.

36n offer

No thanks. Researched the past 30 days for characters like this with this much SP and that’s still low.

90 of the 130ish skills on this character are Level 5, most of the rest are Level 4. If you aren’t a fan of the T3 Cruisers, thankfully not a lot of the SP on this character is used on those. This is ultimately a character with great core skills and ready to go in any direction.

Character sale agreed to in-game, should be selling in a couple days.

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