[WTS] Focused Legion Pilot 14.4m SP

Selling me! http://eveboard.com/pilot/Emma_Mach

Mid-grade Ascendancy implants and more!

14.4mil SP

No employment history. 100% efficiency killboard 1 kill [:pirate:]

No kill rights. Currently located in Jita. Positive wallet, details in the link.

Price: 12b

Please make sure that you add all of the information required by this thread.

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Nice toon, but I’m wondering of calculation the price based on injectors.
I’m ready to start with 7b


Todays Bump

8 bill

Daily bump

Daily Bump :mountain_snow:

In for 9.5b.

10 and she’s yours

Sure, you have a deal. Sending isk and account name.

ISK received and character sent. o7