WTS 65 M Subcap girl


Check her, she is awesome ! :grinning: Gallente Mimmatar Caldari BS developed in V

She is now sitting in Rens, got positive sec status, been at npc corp since 2014

1 Jump clone available (nul sec)

Wallet is empty, but positive

No kill rights

96 k unallocated SP

Open for the offers!

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ingame buyout agreed sending isk and account name now

isk and account name sent

transfer initiated

ok heres a question.

you buy a char you pay for the char.

you recieve the email confirming the transfer.

you login to your account to confirm what time the char will arrive.

all the information is there.

you login to your account after the ETA and NO CHAR

you login to account info and no transfer pending (its passed the arrivel time anyway)

anyone had this before?


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Nope - I would put in a support ticket though, Obviously somethings went wrong :slight_smile:


If you think these issues very resolved fast, you’re in for patience training. Took me over a month

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