WTS 54m SP character gallente/caldari

Mostly pvp character and she’s hot. 54m sp


40.0 b

I’ll take it pm me?

Logging in.

Isk and ID sent.

How long does it usually take for the support ticket to get responded to?

Support tickets in general are from hours to weeks (I had a friend wait 7 weeks). But I am hoping since the ticket is under “billing” they might look at it some what quickly.

Ok cool so i should just let you know when they respond?

Yes, just post here.

Any updates?

Yes they just responded I told them I was ready for the transfer so it’s in their hands now

Any new mails? I have seen nothing in either my account or in my own email about a transfer.

Okay I got a response from CCP with a ticket from my side. Saying that you haven’t responded to a message to you from a GM. You will either need to respond to the message or run the transfer yourself using the RL money transfer system.

Please contact the GM soon.