WTS 54m SP character gallente/caldari

(Jenna Cadelanne Cadelanne) #1

Mostly pvp character and she’s hot. 54m sp


(4th Place Loser) #2

40.0 b

(Jenna Cadelanne Cadelanne) #3

I’ll take it pm me?

(4th Place Loser) #4

Logging in.

(4th Place Loser) #5

Isk and ID sent.

(Jenna Cadelanne Cadelanne) #6

How long does it usually take for the support ticket to get responded to?

(4th Place Loser) #7

Support tickets in general are from hours to weeks (I had a friend wait 7 weeks). But I am hoping since the ticket is under “billing” they might look at it some what quickly.

(Jenna Cadelanne Cadelanne) #8

Ok cool so i should just let you know when they respond?

(4th Place Loser) #9

Yes, just post here.

(4th Place Loser) #10

Any updates?

(Jenna Cadelanne Cadelanne) #11

Yes they just responded I told them I was ready for the transfer so it’s in their hands now

(4th Place Loser) #12

Any new mails? I have seen nothing in either my account or in my own email about a transfer.

(4th Place Loser) #13

Okay I got a response from CCP with a ticket from my side. Saying that you haven’t responded to a message to you from a GM. You will either need to respond to the message or run the transfer yourself using the RL money transfer system.

Please contact the GM soon.

(GM Bjorn) #14