WTS 65mil - PvP(Caldari) - Final price 41 bil


Positive Wallet
Positive Status
No kill rights
Located in high security (Jita)
Seller pays transfer fee
All forum rules apply

Unallocated skill points: 283,368

Implants: Three jump clones with complete Low-grade Crystals set

Description: This character can fly almost everything Caldari (Tengu, Falcon + Caldari BS lv5). Also, all race frigates and with all essential skills lv5. Furthermore, this character has good industrial skills (can fly transport ship) check link for more details.

In game contact: Volaron

Price: Fixed at 41 Bil

I am contacting you in game

35bil too low bump

Bump up

43 billion.

Please contact VOLARON in game

bump up

40 bill offer

First offering 45B get the deal !

  • BUMP

44 bill

I try to contact you in game

41b in case the guy doesn’t show up :slight_smile:

Contact me in game and we can finalize this deal !

Still waiting

Confirming my original offer of 43 billion

Call me in game

Thanks Fabius, the ISK and account information has been sent to you.

I start the process right now
Thank you

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