WTS 66.5m sp very focused avatar pilot

In NPC Corp
No Killrights
Non Negative Balance
In Lowsec station
Positive sec status

Eveboard Password: avatar

Full high grade slave pod

Avatar Skins:
Imperial Jubilee
Raata Sunset
Purity of the Throne
Exoplanets Hunter
Cold Iron

Capital Gun Mastery both to V
Titan V
Max gunnery skills
Both Doomsday skills V
Max Jump skills

Extremely Focused Avatar pilot with almost no skill waste at all. I extracted 900k worth of non titan related skills (the gallente ship and scanning skills) but the eveboard is taking forever to update as is always the case when you extract.

Precise skill point count is 66,579,514. I took nothing that had anything whatsoever to do with the titan use. Save yourself a ton of money on implants and skins.

Min bid: 60B
BO: 80B


When next neutral remap will be available?

The neural remap is available now

62 bil

65b/o :slight_smile:

66 bil


67 bil

68 bill

69 from naughty boy :wink:

70 bill

71 bil


73 bil

73,5 bil

74 bil

74,5 bil

74 bill

Your 74 is higher than mine 74,5? :slight_smile:

Also MaxMadDog offered first 74.