WTS 66m SP Corp Leader Toon (SOLD STC)

I was born on the 10th of November 2010 and spent my Eve career as CEO of a variety of typically nullsec corporations. As a result I have a skillbag that is suited to Corporation Management, Fleet Command, Trade, Resource Processing, Production, Mining, Industry and sneaking about the place.

I’m back in Deep Core Mining Inc, with a nice clean 5.01 security status. I’ve returned to Deep Core Mining Inc and am based back in Amsen in HighSec.

A complete dump of my skillsheet and other attributes is published here = https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Orion_Anana

Have a good look. Seasons Greetings and hoping to see appropriate offers from you for this solid toon. Serious offers should start in the 50b range. Purchase outright with 54b.

52 bil

That is a very encouraging bid Maizie, thank you for getting the bidding started.

A friendly reminder that I remain on the market for sale, looking for offers in excess of 52b with the option to buy me outright for 54b

It is the season to be jolly! Buy Out price is set to 4 billion less than the effort of buying 122 skill extractors (46b), sucking out all the skills and selling filled skill injectors for 104.8b - total residual value to you is 58.7b and I’d still have 5.5m SP in my head.

Want to make a quick 4.7 billion Isk and I cover the cost of the character transfer? Buy me today for 54b

Winking at @Maizie_Fields

I’m only seeing about 97b for the injectors, net after taxes.

Confirming 52b :wink:

@Maizie_Fields Okay, acceptable, it is very borderline and no point dithering around for a bill here or there.

Your offer is accepted. Please transfer 52b to me and contact me in game with details of account to be transferred to. I will initiate transfer via Character Transfer function to avoid the GM ticket processing delays.

Thanks Orion, sending ISK and account info now…

@Maizie_Fields Thanks, just on a fleet with another toon. I’ll get to you just as soon as I finish

@Maizie_Fields Isk received, details of target account acknowledged - character transfer will be initiated in a few minutes time on CCP Character Transfer site. All the best and many thanks

@Maizie_Fields - Character Transfer DONE - please acknowledge from your end then the job is done here. All the best.

Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks Orion!

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