WTS 67.4 Mill SP Rourq, Phoenix, Carrier, Tengu, Logi

67.4 mill sp toon.
Skill highlights.
Cap industrial ships V
Logi Cruisers V
Tactical weapon recon V
Torpedo’s V
XL Torpedo’s V
Mining barge V
Mining Drone spec V
Can build Supers

Great Basi and Guardian pilot
Awesome Rourq pilot.
Good Phoenix pilot.
Amazing Tengu pilot.

5.0 Sec status.
No kill rights.
No jump clones currently.
Character is located in Todaki, High sec.
One Remap Available.
269,089K Unallocated skill points.
Positive wallet.
Character is in a NPC corp.
Character was born on 26/04/2010

Starting bidding at 55bill
Buyout at 65bill


I buy it out for 60 right now !

65 and hes all yours

this offer still stand Maze?

Yes sure 60 B

I accept the offer

Hey :slight_smile: ok well let me sell some stuff real Quick

Ok no problem

I am selling Plex atm takes a second mate

Ready ! Mate o7

Confirming that i am sending 60 B

ISK sended


ISK and Account details sended ! Confirming

sorry i sleep i accept it and start transfer now

I can confirm transfer has started

Okay Thanks !

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