+5 training implant clone with 5% capacitor
2 remaps
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Looking for decent off to sell…

offer 40b

I fancy this toon is worth ~50b just based on skills alone, and perhaps more as is ideal off the shelf Apostle toon?

45B offer

Thanks for the offers. Realistically I’m looking for 50b+ to seal the deal.

Perfect Apostle and good all-round PvP toon!

Highlights include:

  • Amarr Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship, Carrier all V…
  • Caldari Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser all V
  • Gallente Destroyer, Battleship all V
  • Logi V
  • Rockets, Lights, HAMs, Heavies all V
  • Small, Med and Large Lasers all V

Looking for 55 b/o (ono).

Bargain to be had for the right player!

This is Sparta !!!

Make me an offer! :slight_smile:

Do I hear 50b?

B U M P !

Bump for Sparta Erik


Looking for 50b or nearest offer.

Bump! Going to sell this week whatever - give you best offers please!

Now have 2 in game offers from different parties to 50b. Additional offers need to be more than this to be considered.

Happy Saturday!

50b inf game offer. Will be accepting soon if no further offers. Many thanks.

Player offering 50b in game doesn’t appear to be able to come up with the ISK. I have another in game offer of 42b. I am looking for more towards 50b for this excellent character. The first decent offer I get I will accept… simple as that! :moneybag:

Looking for good offer to sell perfect FAX pilot with great generic PvP skills.

Will sell to first player with proper offer.

Get your perfect FAX toon here!