WTS 68 M SP in PI/Indu/Production/Reprocessing/Science + Rorqual Pilot (0,25 Mio. SP unallocated)

Hello, here i am , for sale:


Total SP: 68.211.184
Unallocated SP: 251.500
Positive Wallet Balance
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones
Located in Jita/HS (can relocate if requested)
NPC Corp
Remap Available


Bump up

got a 41 B Offer

44b offer

waiting for moreā€¦

46bil only valid for today

else will revert to 42bil if auction ends

Waiting for more offers.

ok what is your b/o

B/O 50B. If you are still interested we can meet us @48B

Reopened by request of the Op.

45b buyout offer

50 bil B/O

its sold guys can close i bought it at 45bil