WTS 69.5m sp subcap pvp pilot


Perfect subsystem skills for tengu and loki

Location: Hodrold .6 sec
Wallet: positive
Kill rights: none
Jump clones: 1 active located in null sec DG-8VJ, collect at your own risk
Implants installed: High Grade Snake 1-5

Just left corp so give it a moment to update.

Starting Bid: 48b
Buy out: 60b

50 Bill

57b and we gotta deal

55 bil…here now to do it if you like

sold to @Daikaiju, please mail Franz Ferd1nand in game the information and send isk as well and we will complete the process.

cool …just sorting it out

Just a note of caution for you @Daikaiju : the character hasn’t confirmed here that he’s for sale …
Not sure you get the isk back from CCP if there is a problem in this case.

isk and account details sent

please confirm with character being sold that isk and account details recieved

transfer in progress…

Characater Sold

are you transfering with credit card or plex?

also could franz confirm…just for my peace of mind…thanks

credit card, and franz cant confirm because the transfer is happening. no worries i guarantee the goods are good.

ty …just got the notification…all good

you shouldve gotten an email already

yeah…thanks for the fast transfer…appreciate it…

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