WTS 7.2 mil SP

(Roman Cayman) #1


starting bid 4,5 b
b/o 8 b

Positive wallet
No kill right
No jump clones
Location Jita

(InsaneBlazer) #2

Hi, I’d like to offer 4 billion. Isk is ready!

(Roman Cayman) #3

may be 4.5b??)

(InsaneBlazer) #4

Eh, no 4b is all I want to pay for it. I have to inject still for the purpose I need the character. I have the isk ready. Can pay up for another hour, or tomorrow in the afternoon.

(Roman Cayman) #6

okay, im online

(InsaneBlazer) #7

give me 10 mins

(InsaneBlazer) #8

I’d like to inform everyone that Roman Cayman does not honor his deals. This person tried to sell me his account details for ISK. I have not purchased this character.

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/hOs5V

(Roman Cayman) #9


(Roman Cayman) #10

Close the subject of selling this character

(system) #11

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