WTS 7.2m Amarr PvP Starter


Starting: 5b
B/O: 7b

Wallet balance: Positive
Kill rights: None
Jump clones: 1 jump clone, located in highsec (Jita)
Character location: Highsec (Jita)


  • 7m sp + 200k unallocated
  • +5 and +4 clones (no social)
  • 1 remap, 1 bonus remap

Skills to V:

  • Gunnery
  • Drones
  • Light Drone Operation
  • Small Energy Turret
  • Cybernetics
  • Industry


4B and a cookie

What kind of cookie? :thinking:


I dunno I’m having fun gaining SP by killing red triangles. How about 7B and I give you a cookie.

7b too much

6B and two cookies!


i go for 5b

5.1B …

:turkey: bump

bump :turkey: :turkey:

4 bil B/O?

I’ll do 5.2bil

4b if all back out

Is the character still for sale?

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