*** WTS 7.7 msp Unfinished Nyx Project 6.5 Bil buyout ***


  • Gal Carrier book injected
  • good name
  • 2 remaps
  • core skills almost done
  • all ccp rules apply, in highsec, pos wallet, etc

6.5 bil buyout

Thank You


how much B/O

im thinking around 7 to 9 bil.

5B/O i can sent money now



Buyout set to 7B on this char. Otherwise I will keep him.


send a mess

offer accepted Kostner, please send isk and account info.

Kostner has not sent isk. This char is still for sale

Buyout changed to 6.5 bil


isk still not received, still for sale

closed, will not sell

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