WTS 7.97mil SP Focused Miner

(sec-Butyl) #1


Exhumers V
Amarr Industrial V

positive isk balance, located in highsec, NPC corp, no killrights

Looking for a quick sale, make me a fair offer that i like and its yours. Contact skeletonbrakerXL in game or reply to this thread. Thank you

(Yasmin Yonan) #2

offer retracted.

(sec-Butyl) #3

accept 6bil B/O

(Glenn Stefani) #4

6b bo

(sec-Butyl) #5


(Glenn Stefani) #6

Isk sent. Waiting for comfirmation

(sec-Butyl) #7

isk received, transfer started

(sec-Butyl) #8

to clarify, transfer has started and per EVE website says will be 12/30/17 at 12:47 PM

(Glenn Stefani) #9

Received character confirmed. Thanks

(system) #10

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