WTS 71m SP Paladin & Sub Battleship PVP Pilot


Implants : Mid Grade Asklepians (Complete Set)
No killrights
Positive wallet
Remap Available and 2 Bonus Remap Available
Character located in Litiura

High Missile Skills
Marauders (Paladin with Large Pulse Spec 4)
Transport Ships
Caldari T3 Skills

I am responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.

50bill ISK


convo me in game

45b isk ready

48bill and you’ve got a deal.

48 bil

ok 50b valid 2 hours

Confirming 48b

Confirmed for 48bill to Maizie Fields as theirs was the first confirmation. If this falls through, I’ll offer Evangeline to The Durantis for 48bill. My internet at home is down at the moment. I’m responding to this at work. I’ll do my best to organise this tonight once the ISK transfers.


Reconfirming my interest at 48b. Mail sent to you in game. The ISK and account info will be sent promptly upon your reply. I will be on line through the evening, afk at times but checking regularly.

Responded ingame.

Thanks for the reply. The ISK and account information has been sent.

Character transfer underway.


Transfer confirmed by CCP. Thanks, Evangeline!

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