WTS 72m SP Scanner, Recon/CovOps 5, Sin, T3 Amarr/Cal, T2 Logi, T2 FAX, etc


Mid-grade virtues
High-grade amulets
49 ship skins including Apostle Frontier Savior

Positive Wallet
In Jita
No Kill rights

Remap + 2 bonus remaps

Leave offers.

54 bil buy out. Isk in hand

55B offer



60 bil

65bil buyout offer

67.5 bil

68 bil

70 bil

72 bil

Letting this run for another 24 hours before winning bid.

Last bump before the end.

Feels like we’ve gone past 24 hours - let me know when I can send isk and acct name. Thanks.

Auction closed.

I’ll reach out today to get transfer set up. In the office.

Please let me know when to send isk and when we can get transfer set up. Kinda hanging in the wind here…

Seller did not reach out. Feeling very much ghosted on this sale.


Bro I already won this at 72 and the guy has ghosted me so …yeah, not sure.

73B ready