WTS 73m character, firesale!

sellling myself about 73mil SP, asap

I pay the transfer fee, all rules apply.

Additional info;

  1. Character being sold has positive balance in its wallet and has 1 ISK in wallet.

  2. Character has no killrights.

  3. Character has 0 jump clones.

  4. Character is located in hisec, Akhmoh system docked in station.

SkillQ.net - Hardeep Swift

Please update the post to include all required information listed in Welcome to the Character Bazaar.

Additionally the skillQ.net link must be a shared link so others can view your skills.

When complete, flag the original post and this thread will be unlocked.

Thread reopened.

how much about are you wanting?

60b offer

61B offer

Your 61b offer is accepted, @Kuroda_Kanbee pls send me ISK and your account name by EVE mail. After I receive this information I will start the transfer. Also if possible please confirm in this thread you have sent ISK and info. Thank you very much.

If he does not respond, I will match his offer 61B, isk ready.

confirmed and i will sent isk in 2hours

isk sent and account info sent

ISK received and character transfer initiated, you should have the character after 10 hours

Character got, thx