WTS 8.2m sp character

You have some sell price?

You do realize plex transfer was 500 right? And 500 plex is $20. So idk where you are getting 1k plex


No, actually it was 20 or 1000 (2) plex, from before the split. Ie one month game time if you paid ccp cash, two months if you used in game resources (plex)

4B BO good for the moment at least :slight_smile:

nah never mind this posting is wacked

Don’t worry about it, you aren’t the skillpoint flipper I am here for anyway.


This guy has sass and the right amount of Eve Saltiness I enjoy this conversation. Free Bump sir may somebody pay you the 7 billion isk I think its worth.

2.6 billion per 500 plex in game or $24.99 x2 so 5.2 billion and I think you said it is over 5.5 million sp and you can take out 500,000 at a time for a cool million on this character meaning that 963 million to sell for another 1.8 billion,
My math may be off but that might be close