WTS 8.2m sp character

Got it, thank you so much!

New patch bump.

AT weekend bump.

Mid-week bump.

3b bo

That will almost cover the transfer fee; so what is your offer on the character itself, and the associated skillpoints and other intangibles?

you’re selling a character with 6.2m sp… if you’re trying to charge much more than 3b i will just inject a character myself. I don’t attach a sentimental value to characters even if you do, 3b is the offer you can take it or leave it i really could care less.

Well, if you could care less, one might suggest that you should.

I will thank you for the free bump and offer, and present a little math: to inject from 5 million sp to 6.2 million is almost exactly 3 LSI, at current rates of just under 2.7 billion. That discounts the time and/or cost to train the initial 5 million skillpoints. That also discounts any of the skins this character knows, the cost of injected skillbooks, the implants in the character. This also ignores the free sp that the character has currently, and the additional training from the recent free week of omega, something I have not yet updated in the op, but something clearly available to anyone that looks at either of the character sheet links.

I could not care less if I sell this character, but I do care about giving it away for less than my perceived investment; with no 1000 plex transfer fee a real life currency value is involved. I wish you good luck buying any character on these forums if you are not prepared to compensate the seller for that issue.

3.5b possibly, would need a few days before i can buy due to irl stuff but if you are intrested HMU Bomby_5#0001

I thank you for your offer Dodgey Sen, but it is unfortunately below my threshold of acceptance.

Accepts offer of 3b back in August now its below his threshold… are you just here seeking attention?

i bought a 10m sp for 3.5b just a couple of weeks ago. this guy is so funny ^^. he even counts lsi without accounting for the 580m extractor value xD. by the way i offer 3.499b for this toon ^^

It is also interesting how the price of plex and related rmt items have inflated since that time.

I thank you for the free bump, as I am still attempting to sell my character; I think that perhaps you are not my target audience, as I am attempting to sell the character to someone that sees the value in an existing character over injecting a new alt.

You can thank ccp for my stance, but since there is only one party in any character bazaar transaction paying ccp real life currency, that party is ccp’s customer. So as the customer, I can set my baseline value at any value I chose, and I have adapted to chose my baseline value at the current market value of 1000 plex. That is my opportunity cost for the currency spent on the character transfer that could otherwise have gone toward plex, plus the time involved to train a character to 5 million skillpoints. Any prospective buyer will meet that threshold, and then the value of the character above and beyond what can be acomplished for ‘free’ (as an alpha with time) can be negotiated.

Again, thank you for your contribution to the thread.

I wish you good luck in your future endeavors in finding margins to exploit by paying under market rate for characters; I am happy to discuss the sale of this character in further detail as soon as you are willing to meet my baseline transfer price of (current isk valueation of) 1000plex, then we can proceed to any further value of the character beyond the baseline.

It’s ok my friend, i wish you good luck on your sale. Imho, you are asking a little too much for a low sp toon as showen by the 4 months sale, and i’m happy to give it a bump every now and then :slight_smile:

Thank you for the conversation.

I do not think that the time it takes is relevant (at least to me) as I lose nothing by holding on to the character while is slowly accrues additional sp via login events/daily/etc.My only risk is if the market crashes and plex drops to 1 million isk per unit or something similarly silly.

Yes I will collect disagreement from those that would seek to profit of the sale of my character, but it is my currency going to ccp and they have repeatedly stated they do not plan on returning to the model where plex can be used to transfer characters instead of real world currency.