WTS 8.8mil SP Tengu/Heavy Missile Pilot

(Dario Caligari) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/Dario_Caligari PW=123

Missing a couple skills to V missile wise, level 5 subs and stuff.

Positive wallet
No killrights
Located in Jita 4-4
No jumpclones

(Brazien Ormand) #2

What are you looking to get for him?

(The Smiling Bandit) #3

5bil Buy out offer

(Valarius Starchaser) #4

5 billion offer for buy out

i assume the smiling bandit your alt and your telling us buy out on Dario correct?

(Dario Caligari) #5

Nope. Looking for higher bids.

(Valarius Starchaser) #6


(Liam LionField) #7

6 Bil

(Arisha Moon) #8

6.5 b offer

(TheBank Manager) #9

6,6 b/o if you have remap

(Kouhaku) #10

can you link ur pilot to https://eveskillboard.com/

(system) #11

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