WTS 8 mil SP Orca pilot

Character Docked in Dodixie
Full set +5 implants
Also trained to Minmatar BS 4
Selling Character for 2 bil isk.

So 2B B/O

yes 2 bil isk

2…5b offered

5 b ok.

you guys need to explain to me how this works as its my 1st time selling a character.

Is this still for sale? I’ll buy for 2b isk.

yes still for sale . and 2 bil is fine. so now how do we do this lol
so once you explain to me how this works ow the char is yours for 2 bil.

Step 1.

Pilot Adriaan Grimm must post here that he is for sell becouse all isk goes to him, not to you.

Step 2.

Licytation starts …

Good Luck o7

Step 1 completed and yes i am for sale

Step 3.

Accept somoenes offer

Step 4.

Buyer need to send you accepted amount of isk and account name to recive new pilot

Step 5.

Now you Pay 20 Euro or 20$ to CCP by your Credit Card

Step 6.

After sucessful payment, CCP gonna transfer your pilot to new owner

Good Luck

Popcorn for me :wink:

lol thx

wel honestly speaking if i have to pay $20 to transfer character then getting 2 bil isk is simply not worth it

So are you still looking to sell the char for a different price or nah?

3.75b final offer,

4B Offer

4.1 b

Accepted offer thanx guys

i see the character transfer email

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