WTS 80M SP Sub Cap PVP 2005 Pilot (now sold)

(Cali Badger) #1

Here he is


3 remaps available
+5’s in his head
Maurauder, HAC’s, HIC’s and recons all at V
Positive wallet, in High sec a few from jita and in an ncp corp ready for a new owner.

70 Bill

All CCP rules apply

(Cali Badger) #2

Bump Ready to sell :+1:

(Streitwartt) #3

65bill right here and ready

(Cali Badger) #4

70 and you’ve got a deal

(Cali Badger) #5

Bump still needing a new home

(Cali Badger) #6

Bumping, ready to move :point_up:️:point_up:️

(Cali Badger) #7

Still for sale

(Streitwartt) #8

Offer still Active

(Cali Badger) #9

Noted, 24hrs from now if no one bids hes yours

(Gattanera) #10

How about 66b?

(Cali Badger) #11

Last bump, selling to the highest bidder on here by 13:00 eve time today.

(Streitwartt) #12

66.1 bill

(Cali Badger) #13

Sold to Streitwartt for 66.1 bill

(Streitwartt) #14

ISK and Acc Info sent.

(Cali Badger) #15

Character Name: Cali Badger

Will be completed after: 8/31/2017 12:24:58 AM

(system) #16

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