WTS 80mil SP PVE


Skill Points 80,272,444
Unallocated 3,672,581

Yearly Remap 1
Bonus Remaps 2

Located Jita
No Killrights, Positive Wallet.

Jump Freighters 5
Light, Heavy & Support fighters 5
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5

Overall 95 skills at level 5.

Start bid 55 Bil
Buy out 100 Bil

50b offer

56 bil

57b offer

60 bil

TxivYawg 60 bil - Accepted, send the ISK and evemail me the account name and I’ll get the transfer started

damn wish I seen this earlier woulda paid 60 all day long


isk and account info sent

Isk received. Transfer of Hammerstein to nominated account (as per your mail) commenced at 08 Apr 2020 07:33.

Thank you, may you and your family stay healthy and connected during these times.

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