WTS 81M SP Perfect Revelation, Amarr Combat Pilot

Sorry too low mate

My friend, my price is already very high, this value will not exceed my offer. At the end of the day, as for the 85B you want, I can get a character over 90m.

Sorry mate price is the price.

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Thank you for the offer, but not there yet.

75b buyout offer (valid 24h)

Edit: great toon, very well skilled! A bit to extract but overall will have a new loving home :slight_smile:

Thank you for the offer but need to get closer to the buyout range.

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Hum… Seems plenty close to me as, I believe, am already paying a decent premium for a char with unrelated skills in industry. As other have stated this amount of ISK can buy a higher SP char, so in that context, would kindly ask if you might reconsider my offer slightly bumped.

77b is my new offer

Hey how closer is closer? Have you seen my latest offer? Cheers

Hey mate, 80 bill would seal the deal

79b for a 79m sp char seems like a sweet spot, isk and info sent to Maleus Enderass

Character has 80.9 million sp, 80 bill will seal the deal

Char is advertised as 79m sp.
Please send back my 79b I take back my offer.


Don’t send me the char for 79, offer is retracted. Don’t want to deal with you

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@Lana_Tidnab give him another 24h to send your isk back. When you will not recive them in that period you should file a Support Ticket.

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@Maleus_Enderass did you returned the Isk Lana Tidnab sendet you?