WTS 81Mil SP Dread / PVP Pilot

EveSkillboard - Origae-6

NPC Corp
Positive Wallet
No outstanding KR’s against
Focussed for Amarr and Precursor ships
Located in High Sec

B/O 70Bil

I can offer 49b

Bump o/




Highest bid so far 52bil in game, will leave this running a little longer

Online now o/

i can do a 53 bil bid if this still avaible

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Hi Aston, please send isk to Origae-6 and evemail me your account details and I’ll get the transfer underway. Its a paid transfer, from memory this takes around 10 hours or so o/

Isk sent and account detail sent to the to Origae-6

Transfer underway to your account, thanks o/

thx confirmed

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