WTS 84MIL All round combat pilot w/ Nag V, Marauder V. Strong subcap skills


(Kategat) #1

I am selling myself.


Current SP is 84mil and counting.
Located in Jita.
Positive (5.0) sec status
Has a few skins.
One clone - Full geno set plus some hard wirings.

Naglfar V/T2 guns/T2 Siege/Jump Cal/Operation V

Buyout is 82b. Bidding starts at 72b. I will pay the automatic transfer so you could have this pilot in as little as 10 hours.

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Daily bump.

(Cap Alberto Bertorelli) #3

65B offer

(Sofra Isagar) #4

Wrong alt posted.

(Kategat) #5

Thanks for the bid. It’s too low unfortunately but I appreciate the interest.

(Kategat) #6

Still looking for someone to start with the minimum bid.

(Lily Bukandara) #7

as we talk in game mail,i will pay you 82 b b/O,thanks.

(Kategat) #8

I accept your offer. Once I receive the ISK and account details I will begin the 10h transfer

(Lily Bukandara) #9

isk send,and trsasfer id was mail to you ,thanks

(Kategat) #10

Confirmed. Transfer started.