WTS 84MIL All round combat pilot w/ Nag V, Marauder V. Strong subcap skills

I am selling myself.


Current SP is 84mil and counting.
Located in Jita.
Positive (5.0) sec status
Has a few skins.
One clone - Full geno set plus some hard wirings.

Naglfar V/T2 guns/T2 Siege/Jump Cal/Operation V

Buyout is 82b. Bidding starts at 72b. I will pay the automatic transfer so you could have this pilot in as little as 10 hours.

Daily bump.

65B offer

Wrong alt posted.

Thanks for the bid. It’s too low unfortunately but I appreciate the interest.

Still looking for someone to start with the minimum bid.

as we talk in game mail,i will pay you 82 b b/O,thanks.

I accept your offer. Once I receive the ISK and account details I will begin the 10h transfer

isk send,and trsasfer id was mail to you ,thanks

Confirmed. Transfer started.

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