WTS 85 mill pvp / sp toon

(morley911) #1

86 mill sp toon with a set plus 5 i dont play this cher no more as i have my main and olt nyx ready very good skills and now all most train up Rorqual to mine in 0.0 to make isk
http://eveboard.com/pilot/morley911 password robert85 with cap R 80bill b/o

(FrostyJack) #2

62 b/o?

(morley911) #3

its got to be at least 70 bill

(TxivYawg1) #4

66bil buyout offer… isk ready

(Streitwartt) #5


(morley911) #6

you and i know this cher not to shaby so 70 bill above

(morley911) #7

would u go to 70 bill ten i will say agreed

(Streitwartt) #8

Cant afford 70bill

(TxivYawg1) #9

67bil final offer

(morley911) #10

nope that would be giving it away :slight_smile:

(morley911) #11

Lesb Ian9m
Focused Minmatar pilot

pw - whatwhat

Epic Name
pos sec
pos wallet
located in LS (docked)
Genolution clone (1-4)

starting bid 55b
65b b/o

so the price is good for what i have put

(Dobi Mecata) #12

What is the eveboard password?

(morley911) #13

can you not see it ?

(morley911) #16

aceppt 67 bill TxivYawg1

(morley911) #17

i accept 67 bill
talk to me in game

(Streitwartt) #18

no that was unfair :frowning:

(morley911) #19

whats not fair

(morley911) #20

the guy has wasted my time cher back up on market

(Inappropriate Trade) #21

You haven’t listed password still… Interested in buying possibly, need PW to view char.

(morley911) #22

Robert85 juste set it up for you