WTS 85 mill pvp / sp toon

86 mill sp toon with a set plus 5 i dont play this cher no more as i have my main and olt nyx ready very good skills and now all most train up Rorqual to mine in 0.0 to make isk
http://eveboard.com/pilot/morley911 password robert85 with cap R 80bill b/o

62 b/o?

its got to be at least 70 bill

66bil buyout offer… isk ready


you and i know this cher not to shaby so 70 bill above

would u go to 70 bill ten i will say agreed

Cant afford 70bill

67bil final offer

nope that would be giving it away :slight_smile:

Lesb Ian9m
Focused Minmatar pilot

pw - whatwhat

Epic Name
pos sec
pos wallet
located in LS (docked)
Genolution clone (1-4)

starting bid 55b
65b b/o

so the price is good for what i have put

What is the eveboard password?

can you not see it ?

aceppt 67 bill TxivYawg1

i accept 67 bill
talk to me in game

no that was unfair :frowning:

whats not fair

the guy has wasted my time cher back up on market

You haven’t listed password still… Interested in buying possibly, need PW to view char.

Robert85 juste set it up for you