WTS 85M SP combat pilot

95% focus on sub-cap combat, 40d left to be able to fly every sub-cap combat ship in the game. All sub cap T2 weapons. Got some nice implants too.

3 remaps avaiable.

password: 1234

Starting bid: 70b
Buyout: 80b

Auction ends: 12.XII.2017

Good luck.

2 more bumps

62.5 billion as a fall back option…

160 large injectors x 0.775b = 124b
160 skill extractors x 0.375b = 60b
124 - 60 = 64b
1000 plex = 3.4b
64 + 3.4 = 67.4b
For less than 2.6b profit Id keep it for skillbooks, implants and cool 5m SP alpha clone.
Also good standings (lvl4s) with minmatar, caldari and gallente, no killrights.

159 injectors.
762 million per injector after taxes.
375 million per extractor is about right, via PLEX and NES

I’m seeing a net extractable value of 61 billion, but I’ll confirm my bid of 62.5 b.



Starting bid is 70b, auction ends today.

OK 70bil

Bid accepted.
I’ll be back from work in 8h, if no other bids appear - you win.

And I’m back. Sherley Gao wins the auction. Awaiting ISK and transfer info.

Account Info and ISK already sent to you

Please send char asap

Thank you!

Due to technical limitations of the transfer - ISK was refunded and the sale is off.

isk received sale is off

i send mail for you in game ,please check it

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