WTS 70.7m Subcap combat pilot with HG Crystal, Snake, Ascendancy sets

70.7m SP PvP/PvE pilot - https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Shaak_en_Thielles
HG Crystal, Snake, Ascendancy (with WS-618) sets.
Positive wallet.
5.0 Sec status.
Gallente/Minmatar/SoE 6+ faction standings.

Price: 50b

41b offer

Than you for your offer, but it’s too low.

Price lowered to 47b!

Why are 70 million SP toons worth so little, 47 billion seems like a lowball offer, I would think 65 billion would be more in line with a minimum starting bid.

I agree, in 6 hours I gonna change it to 60.


42b offer

Thank you for your offer, but I am ready to go only for 50b.




Accepted. Awaiting for ISK and account info (to Eve-mail please).

isk and account info sent.

Transfer started! Please, check your email.

Email received