WTS 89M Caldari

Positive wallet
Currently in Jita
No killrights
Sec status: 1.0
Total Skillpoints: 89,891,560
Unallocated Skillpoints: 273,725




@Pep_Potts if you cancel buy order on carrier i let you this toon :slight_smile:

You already won on the carrier, can I have this one???

@Pep_Potts if you can beat 75B I can initiate this xfer tonight :stuck_out_tongue:

cancel order on carrier to shut down the price and i let you this


@Rhaegar_Starborn if he cancels his bid of 75b I’ll match it?

cancel order on carrier bro please

76 B. ISK ready

78b as mentioned in my WTB all toons thread

SOLD to @Limited_Liability for 78b. Please send isk along with account name for transfer. Thank you all for participating!

ISK and account details sent

@Limited_Liability ISK received and xfer initiated. Thank you!
Mods, please close thread.

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