WTS 89m SP Super/Fax

my skills

In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character in high sec
All jump clones in high sec
Can move freely in high sec (-1.9 sec status)
Jump clones:
High-grade Amulets, 1005 armor implant
High-grade Ascendancies w/ high-grade omega
High-grade Crystals
High-grade Talismans

over 20 bill in jumps clones

Skill highlights:
Amarr Carrier V
Minmatar Carrier V
Gallente Carrier V
Capital Ships V
Blops V
Fighters V

Starting bid 95 bill.
buyout hidden for now

Bump :wink:

I am very interested. Do you think you can lower your expectations? I will provide 80B

thx for the bid

Bump :wink:

Bump :wink:

Bump :wink:

95b offer

thx for the offer mate

100b Offer

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Offer accepted send me the isk and info and I’ll start the transfer when I get home from work

isk and account info sent

thx for the deal mate fly save her is on the way to you :wink:

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