WTS 9.1 Mil SP BS Char. 2006 Birthday./// 2005 Birthday Character as well

Selling toons that have early birthdates, one is 2006 with 9mil SP the other is a 2005 with 665k SP.

1st Character: Polamalu
Date Of Birth 7/21/2006
positive wallet
no kill rights
Located in jita
9.1 Mil SP

2nd Character: ZethrenTi
Date Of Birth 6/8/2005
positiv wallet
no kill rights
Located in highsec.
Can create your own portrait.
Has never been in a Corporation

Open to Offers
Auction will end 1 week from today (10/17/22) or if i decide to cancel/sell to an offer.
I will pay transfer Fee

posting for verification

posting for verification

Thread reopened.

4.5 billion ISK offer for @ZethrenTi

3.5 bil for Polamalu

offers noted

4 billion ISK for @ZethrenTi

bump for today

My 4.5 billion ISK offer for @ZethrenTi is still valid.

So as my 3,5 bil offer for Polamalu

Today is the 24’th, one week has passed. Are you closing the sale?

5 bil isk for ZethrenTi if still available?


5.2 bil. for ZethrenTi.

Lana driving a hard bargain. 5.5 bil isk?

All depending on whether this is still valid of course?

5.7 billion ISK.

6.0 BiL iSk?

Again would be great to have confirmation when you see this o/

6.2 billion ISK.