WTS 9.3m Miner (1m of those SP unallocated) virgin character, nothing on KB

Character will go to the highest bidder.

+5 learning implants (apart from social).

Docked in Jita.


4B Bid

4,2 B

4.5Bil B/O

4,7 B

5Bil B/O

5,2 B


5.7 B


6,2 B

I’ll offer 6.5b

7 Bil

I’ll end this auction at 22:00 Eve Time on Saturday.

Current high bid 7B to Skituk

Going once…

Bid withdrawn, won in another auction

6.5b going once.

SO,Did you sell this number?gus

Usually in auctions, the tradition is to say “going once, going twice, SOLD!”.

I will post ‘Going twice…’ tomorrow, and then sold soon after that. 6.5b is the current bid.

Going twice…