WTS 9 Extractor Characters

(Charcoal Pi) #1

Hello all,

I want to sell my Incursion fleet/extractor characters


All have +3s 2 remaps available and can fly a rattlesnake/vni/dominix all chars located in perimeter with positive wallets.

4.5b each or 40b for all, I will be dropping corp/pay transfer etc etc

Please only paste replies here as I have too many accounts to manage evemails.

(Magneta Omicron) #2

I am for sale

(Jasper Epsilon) #3

I am for sale

(Stormcloud Omega) #4

I am for sale

(Atomic Sigma) #5

I am for sale

(Ice Zeta) #6

I am for sale

(Amazon Theta) #7

I am for sale

(Misty Psi) #8

I too am for sale

(Seer Kappa) #9

I am for sale

(Onyx Iota) #10

I am also available

(Jerry Falcone) #12

You need to have all characters in an NPC Corp at time of listing. You are also missing information, like wallet, char location etc.

(Charcoal Pi) #13

All chars have been kicked from corp and I updated the post, its been a while since I have sold a character

(Jerry Falcone) #14

Just fyi, you pay the transfer fee and isk goes to each individual pilot

(Tempanautia) #15

5.5B for Atomic Sigma

(Charcoal Pi) #16

Accepted im at work till 6ish eve time I can complete when I’m back

(Tempanautia) #17

I’m sending isk and account info to Atomic Sigma.

(Charcoal Pi) #18

@Tempanautia I’ll start the transfer as soon as I get home

(Charcoal Pi) #19

@Tempanautia Isk/account info received char transfer starting now

(Tempanautia) #20

I received the confirmation email. Thank you.

(Cynosaurus REKT) #21

4.5b for Onyx Iota