WTS 96m SP Super / JF / (Caldari, Gallente)


I am selling myself!
Skill Points: 96,021,441 SP and counting!
Unallocated: 121,676 SP
Currently training rigging skills.

As per character bazaar rules:
Wallet Balance is Positive.
No Killrights available.
Jump clone in H-ADOC - Moon 1 - Guardian Angels Assembly Plant
(Level 4 skill training clone)

Here’s my skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Ledognev_IceHammer
Password: 12345

Some of the best skills:
Caldari Battleship V
Caldari Carrier V
Capital Industrial Ships V
Capital Ships V
Gallente Battleship V
Gallente Carrier V
Jump Freighters V
Jump Drive Calibration V

Excellent for Nyx / Wyvern (lol) as well as JF’s, Caldari BS and Viator!

Starting bids of 90b.
B/O 130b
Will accept any offer above 90!


90b and I’m all yours

90b or nearest offer!

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