WTS 98m toon

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Located at Jita

Link SkillQ: SkillQ
Link QSna [Quantum Anomaly]

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Link doesn’t work

45B offer

Fixed the SkillQ link, thanks for the heads up. You could have used the second QSna link if the first didn’t work

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89b b/o

90 b/o

nm, found another one

Bump, looking for a little more than 90 bil

Still want the toon?

If still for sale id be willing to do 85b but wont be able to do transaction till friday night/sat morning. Away from pc sadly. Let me know
Edit: oops cant type fixed my offer

Hy, it’s 95 mil sp + 3 mil unalocated sp… you could train what you think this character lacks with the 3 mil, 85B seems to me like a bit lacking.

I can do 90bil best offer. I wont be on for about 8hours after this post and ill have to gather a bit of liquid.
But let me know what you decide.

Hy, I got another private offer in game before i saw your offer but he needs to gather isk too. If he doesn’t manage to gather the isk I’ll contact you. Is that ok?

I can go out 91B

Hy, sorry, was really busy with IRL stuff, grandma died and stuff happened… is the offer still available?

Sry to hear that. I’d offer 65B

No thank you for the low ball offer. Looking for at least 90B.

are you there

Hy, yes I’m here. I usually check the forums once a day, maybe twice. Will try to message you ingame.