WTS A /G carrier / tengu toon

(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #1

http://eveboard.com/pilot/LEO_GRAGOON_Alexander , pass 778899

(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #2

pump pump

(FrostyJack) #3


(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #4

hope more dude

(TxivYawg1) #5

16bil isk for 17mil SP? you gotta be trying to pump up the price on purpose. perhaps you’re the owner?

(Burradorei Ajioli) #6


(KristoEST Estonia) #7


(aaaaa Cat) #8


(Burradorei Ajioli) #9


(Big Pops) #10


(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #11

daily bump :smile:

(Big Pops) #12

If you are not interested in the offer, could you give me an idea of what you’re looking for?

(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #13

hello , I hope 18B , I pay 20 dollors transfer fee , you can check the total isk if you traning a toon as same mine by yourself. 18B is 30%discount many of skill book is free for you , this toon will fly NYX soon .

(Volltz) #14

Hi LEO_GRAGOON_Alexander

I can pay 18 bil.

(zhanghaojiaoyi jiaoyi) #15

I can pay 19B , how do you think about it ?

(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #16

OK , make sure , let’s deal .

(LEO GRAGOON Alexander) #17

ok make sure let’s deal

(Big Pops) #19

Well, if anything falls through, my original offer of 17b still stands.

(system) #20

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