WTS: Aeon Pilot / Super

2 remaps

  • +5 Learning Implant Set
  • Caldari Navy Mission Standings
    51 Million+Skill Points
    Carrier 5
    Fighters 5



this is gonna be a quick sale. Don’t miss out.



He could strip the character right now and make 39B and still have a 6M sp character left. A 35B offer just seems like a waste of everyones time? Since it cost 3B just to sell it. Is this a psychology thing? You come back later with a low offer on a different character?

I was thinking the same thing, but atleast it was an offer. I got a few in game offers and it look like I will sell sometime tomorrow. better get it while you can.

43 bil offer

I will be on tomorrow at 20:00 eve time. If yours is the highest offer by then he is yours.

Okie! I will be waiting :slight_smile:

No longer for sale? :frowning:

it is still for sale


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