WTS all Minmatar faction ship BPCs

Printed to order, over 10 million LP worth of BPCs for sale. Contact Rethyl via Evemail.

Will provide them in your choice of Hek, Rens, or any Minmatar controlled FW system. For larger orders, I’m willing to move them elsewhere in highsec.

Naglfar Fleet Issue BPC – 950M each
Tempest Fleet / Typhoon Fleet BPC – 100M
Hurricane Fleet / Cyclone Fleet BPC – 45M
Stabber Fleet / Scythe Fleet BPC – 20M
Thrasher Fleet BPC – 14M
Firetail / Vigil Fleet / Probe Fleet BPC – 6M

Also happy to trade for equivalent value of other factions’ ship BPCs – tell me what BPCs you want, and I’ll tell you what I want in return.

Can also convert your Naglfar hull into a Naglfar Fleet Issue at a reasonable price, if you can get it and the necessary macguffins to a Tribal Liberation station in Minmatar FW space.

Still got a few million Minmatar LP left. Particularly looking to trade for Amarr & Caldari BPCs since I have fewer contacts in the enemy militias :wink:

I’m back up to 8 million Minmatar LP available for potential sale / trade.

Updated main post to list prices for every BPC, including the new Vigil Fleet Issue BPC.

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