Would like to sell this alt send me offers worse I can do is say no.

Alt is in Jita
Currently in NPC corp.

SP: 11,828,189 Skillpoints


I pay the transfer after isk is paid.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

Make me an offer

SP farming is no longer profitable. why would anybody want to run an SP farm just to lose money?

it’s a very good pi toon , and skill farming is still profitable by the way if you get the yearly omega/mct and wait for the lsi market to recover before selling :slight_smile:

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LMAO @ “wait for the lsi market to recover”… good luck! been waiting over a year, not coming back because too many people are doing the same thing as soon as it about to become profitable again…

the problem with lsi at this moment is the massive extracting of referal alts so the exctractors price spiked while the lsi crushed making it loosing isk. once that finit supply dries the marging will get better. you can’t make billions with one account anymore but you can make 300-600m per account using different dicounts and buying extractors with plex. if you are the type to run mining multi box that’s a great isk while still beeing able to use accouts for semi afk activities. btw i used 4 accounts and they pay for themselves in omega while still having a mini fleet of 1porp+3hulks :slight_smile: just adapte and be happy.


I have been away for some time and just want to start fresh again in the game I mean like 6 years ago.

I’ll offer 4.5B