WTS Amarr/Caldari Carrier/Super Carrier pilot (sold)

Just as the title says. Here is the link to the skillboard.

Fobiah’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

I’m not sure what she is worth. Give me an offer and I’ll take it into consideration. I’m not currently using her and don’t plan on using her in the future. Looking to give her a new home.

Positive wallet balance
NPC Corp
In Empire Low Sec
Two clones, one empty and one with a high grade Amulet set with the omega.

Character has random assets spread around. Don’t really care about the value of those.


Sorry I fixed the link it should work now

50 bill

I’ll take it. Send isk and account info to character and I will initiate transfer

@Fobiah isk and account info sent

Transfer started. Enjoy her

I see her inbound to my account. Thank you.

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