WTS amarr / minmatar focused 89 m SP

Hello, I would like to sell this character:

Can do a bunch of stuff including dread, rorqual, blops and much more. Used to be my wormholes alt but now I’m downscaling.

Start price: 55 B
Buyout: 70 B

This character has a slightly negative sec status (-0,27) and a positive wallet, no kill rights. At the time of transfer it’ll be in a starter corp. All standard rules apply and I’ll be paying cash for the transfer.

Disclaimer: I can do math too! The net profit I’d get from extracting, based on current prices, is north of 52b, so don’t bother offering less than starting bid. If you do, thanks for the free bump I guess.

confirming I am for sale.

Brain Freeze 50B


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