[WTS] Amarr Redeemer Pilot w/ 4b Assets - 20.6m SP

Selling Amarr black ops Redeemer pilot,


Amarr PvP skills with a some Caldari and Gallente skills. Comes with 14 ships, including a fit Redeemer and Leshak, and 1b in items, and 3b in ships. Has +5 implant clone, one remap, and two bonus remaps available. Sec status is -5.3.

Net worth currently sits at 6.1b.

Start bidding at 12b, B/O of 15b.

Please reply in thread, as I cannot check EVE Mail. Thanks :slight_smile:

Make sure you reply in the thread with the character you’re selling.

and you can’t include assets (outside of implants) in the price of the character. just an fyi

SOLD i send the isk and account name via my banker to Khorilyssa

Please confirm of received.

Confirmed - ISK received. I will start the transfer process tonight. :slight_smile:


Transfer initiated.

Mail of transfer received.

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