⌨ WTS Amarr Themed Keycap for Mechanical Keyboard for ISK

True Amarrian Relic for True Amarrians!

I’m here to offer you an Amarr inspired Keycap for mechanical keyboards (for Cherry MX switches)
Solid metal, mede from the same alloy that is used for Amarrian golden ship hulls ( :wink: )

This offer is for High Luster version.
Price 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) ISK (includes shipping)

How to purchase the Keycap:
Transfer mentioned sum to Diakon Gamal ingame and write evemail with your shipping address.
Only 3 Keycaps are offered at this moment, so get them while they last!


Not sure if this is allowed:

The advertisement or sale of out of game goods and services not directly related to EVE Online is prohibited. The only out of game goods and services which can be advertised or sold for in-game currency or assets are the following: EVE forum signature creation, EVE related websites, EVE related artwork, third party voice communication server hosting, or EVE Time Codes.

Maybe it qualifies as artwork, but you might double check that.

Oh, yes.
I’m an artist and this is eve related artwork.

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